Andreas Wolf Photography

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Clown and domino fish in collony sea anemones

Damselfish in soft coral

Coral grouper

Tabaco butterflyfish

Lizardfish on hard coral

Ann Ann Wreck, Saudi Arabia/Red Sea

Spider crab on gorgonia

Grey reef shark

Diver and soft corals

Shrimp on tail of parrot fish

Soft coral

Cuttlefish feeds on wrasse

Blue spotted sting ray

Tentacles of sea anemone

Titan triggerfish attacking

Baby clownfish in sea anemone

Juvenile stage of emperor angelfish

Goby on soft coral

Cleaner wrasse converts pipe to housing

Arms of feather star

Pea crab cracks shell


Mental Wrasse

Turtle with divers

Hermit crab on red sponge

Goby on elephantis coral

Longnose hawkfish

Grey moray

Sharks and diver

Old car wrecks inside the sunken Umbria off the coast of Port Sudan

Close up of scales of a parrot fish

Goby on red hard coral

Tabaco butterflyfish

Coral grouper

Pink jellyfish

Blackback hawkfish eating fish

Parrot fish

Shrimp on crown of thorns starfish


Wart nudibranch (sea slug)

Clownfish in sea anemone

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